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Arguing in front of your children is a form of child abuse

What do you want your baby to learn? Arguing and fighting?

Babies may not understand why you yell and fight, but they know something is wrong. It is not good for your health and development. Also, babies learn from what they see and hear, is arguing, fighting and yelling really what you want them to learn? They will learn that yelling is an appropriate way to communicate and will soon cry to compete for attention over noise.

It also creates a sense of unease about the strength of your parents’ relationship. The baby is watching you, learning from you. He or she is learning that this is a “normal” way of being, feeling uncomfortable, stressed, yelling and fighting. This is how we pass our dysfunction on to our children, and we never think they are too young to understand. Children understand long before they can verbalize it. Remember, you are teaching them that this is how problems with another person are solved, and you are teaching them that this is how to have a relationship with other people.

Babies are very sensitive to the emotions around them. They need to feel that you and your partner love each other and you love her so that he or she feels safe.

One of the worst side effects of living in a hostile environment is stress. Stress really shouldn’t be a part of a child’s life. Negative stress from living in an unhappy, conflict-ridden home is detrimental to your baby’s physical and mental health.

Arguing in front of babies makes them afraid of their own parents and very insecure. The very people who should make you feel safe and happy are doing the opposite. Babies can become anxious and this affects their physical and mental health.

Think about what you are doing to your child when you argue. You make them fearful, insecure, crying, unhappy, sick, mentally unstable, sad, depressed, anxious, irritable, violent, angry, unstable, aggressive, and insecure with you.

Most people don’t see the reality of this. They are so caught up in themselves and their problems that they just think the baby or child agrees and they will get over it. They do not! You will give them a lifetime of trouble they don’t deserve! Every baby deserves a happy and safe parent and home!

If the baby got sick, I would take him to the doctor or hospital and take care of him until he recovers. If they had an accident, you would take care of them and care about them. If a baby has a diaper rash or could get into something that would harm him, he would be right on top of that. You would not stop feeding your baby, changing his diaper, or bathing him. She rocks her baby and plays with him, makes sure he is physically cared for.

Why don’t you consider arguing in front of them abusive? What if you were that baby and your parents behaved like you and your partner? Hmmmm, it’s a different image now!

A baby is a baby and a child is a child only once. Make your life pleasant and happy, they will face enough trouble when they grow up.

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