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Attractive Women – What Do Men Really See As Attractive?

Are you looking to become more attractive to men? Unfortunately, many women get caught up in billion dollar “hot women marketing schemes” and lose sight of what really makes women attractive to men. Take a look at the following thoughts.

1) Do you strive to stay in good physical shape? Do you exercise and try to eat healthy? We’re not talking about losing weight or looking like a model. Women who make this kind of effort are automatically more attractive to men. These women feel better about themselves, they are healthier and it shows.

2) Is your attitude positive or negative? Women with a positive attitude will be seen as much more attractive than those with a negative attitude.

3) Are you self-absorbed? Ok, this is kind of tricky since most people are pretty self centered. The important thing is the level of interest you show in other people. Women who show genuine interest in a man (as opposed to talking about themselves) will always seem more attractive.

4) Do you dress tasteful or tasty? Would you rather be seen as a steak or as a sexy woman? Men can’t help but notice (and enjoy) a nicely dressed woman. She’s kind of like a dog that licks its butt, it’s automatic, a reflex. However, you are not attractive to him in the way you want. Men are often “turned off” by women who dress well. Unless you’re looking to be enjoyed as a juicy steak of one night, dress tastefully. Don’t get me wrong: dress attractive but not sleazy.

5) Smiles are always attractive. A big smile will take years off your age. Isn’t that a woman’s dream: to be younger? She practices smiling more and the years will fade away. Not a fake smile like you see in magazines and photo shoots, but a genuine smile.

6) A “mild and calm spirit” is always attractive. She waits, before you get mad, think about the opposite of Rosie O’Donnell. If you want to appear attractive in the eyes of a man, keep a “gentle and calm spirit” towards him. Let go of the “baggage” of those years.

7) Finally, don’t look at yourself in terms of what you are not. See yourself in terms of what you are. Why? In short, when your attitude is focused on seeing yourself better, younger, thinner, prettier, etc. – you never live up to your own eyes. Men can smell this “insecurity” from a mile away and it’s not attractive. Focus on those things you have. Every woman can take positive action with each item on this list. When you feel better about yourself on the inside, you will look great to the men around you.

Lawrence Welch

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