Benefits of floor mounted bar stools

When you open a bar, pub, or lounge, one of the choices you’ll have to make is worry about commercial seating. There are a wide variety of styles of bar stools and restaurant chairs to choose from and you’ll want furniture that matches the particular theme of your pub. One option for high-quality commercial seating is to install floor-mounted bar stools at the bar.

Floor mounted stools have a number of advantages over standard mobile stools, including easier cleaning around the area, less chance of scratches and dents due to stools tipping or moving, and a neat and singular line of seating. on the bar that cannot be moved. Being able to secure seats allows you to make other decorating decisions without having to worry about customers coming in to redesign seats every night.

While a customer here and there is expected to pick up a menu or even a drink as a personal souvenir, don’t be surprised to learn that some cunning bosses try to take the furniture as well. Fixed mounted stools will prevent those people from reaching too far with stools and with mounted commercial seating it will also lessen the chance of difficult customers using stools for fights. When commercial seating is mounted, it reduces the chance of people suddenly backing up in chairs, which can lead to falls and accidents, and also prevents congestion of floor space when customers decide to group stools together in high-traffic areas. .

Made from commercial grade metal, floor mounted bar stool frames are extremely durable and can be expected to last for many years. You can accent metal frame floor mounted stools with wood seats, metal seats and upholstered seats depending on the theme of the bar and the clientele it serves. Some floor mounted stools can be found in bright chrome finishes, while others offer a more traditional gray. Often found in backless models, most floor mounted bar stools also have the added swivel feature to allow patrons to get a full view of the crowd without having to physically move the bar stool.

For maintenance purposes, floor mounted bar stools are much easier for the cleaning crew, as they won’t have to spend time stacking bar stools on countertops (which can cause scratches), moving stools to a temporary storage room and then putting all the stools back. once the floor is dry. Durable and sturdy, the bases of the floor mounted bar stools can be scrubbed and washed just like you would floor and with a dry cloth you can tidy up the whole set up and get it ready for the next set.

Floor mounted bar stools are great ideas for dinner parties, pubs, sports bars, and other casual settings that don’t need to be overly fancy or fancy. Once installed, you have a comfortable and durable quality seating option that will look good, last much longer than standard stools, and be exactly where you want it to be at all times.

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