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Benefits of Using Real-Time Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

Service scheduling is the procedure of discovering the most optimal method to assign resources and services to employees in a given company. In a manufacturing organization, service scheduling describes the entire procedure of assigned field technicians to specific work orders within a production facility. The scheduling procedure will typically go something like this: a technician will be assigned to a particular job, he/she will complete the required training and obtain some specific qualifications, then after successfully completing the assignment; they will enter the job description information into the computer system of the manufacturing plant and wait for further approval. If all goes well, the equipment will be added to the production line as scheduled and the manufacturing plant will begin manufacturing the item(s) under the supervision of the manager that installed the equipment. If there is a problem, however, things can go drastically wrong.

Let’s say, for example, that a manufacturing plant manager decides that he needs more field technicians to help with the completion of some new product(s). He assigns the newly arrived technicians to be assigned to five different work orders. Although all five technicians complete their work properly, it still takes them three days to finish their assigned job. It is obvious that there are errors in the scheduling process; since the customer experience was that three days were consumed in preparation for a new product, the mistake must have been made in the scheduling or the production manager did not correctly prioritize the job.

This is a perfect example of why service scheduling software was developed. Most businesses make their mistakes in scheduling by using manual pencil and paper systems. Not only is the potential for error extremely high, but the possibility that you make a mistake during the scheduling process is even higher. If your system is automated, however, it will ensure that no mistakes are made during the entire process. Therefore, it is far more efficient than the traditional ways of scheduling work orders.

Benefits of Using Real-Time Field Service Management Software

Not only is service scheduling software an efficient way to keep track of your customers’ service times, but it can also help you save time. For example, let’s say that a technician techs’ shift is scheduled at 2 PM. If they have trouble arriving on time, or arrive late, it could greatly impact the overall efficiency of your company. But, with the use of an app, such problems are easily solved. As long as the correct customer information has been input into the app, the problem will instantly be resolved.

Since service scheduling software programs already handle all of the tedious details of customer service, the technicians will have much more time to actually service the customers. If there is a hardware issue, such as a dead terminal, it can be easily fixed through the menu interface. Also, if the technician has a question about the order that requires more detailed analysis, the app can allow him to upload the entire file for further review. This is much more efficient than simply checking in manually on a computer when the computer has slowed down for some reason. In addition, these real-time tools make it much easier to troubleshoot individual issues, since they can be viewed within the app itself. This means that your team can get right to the root of the problem much faster, which will lead to happier customers.

There are many other benefits to be derived from using real-time technology in field service management. As a matter of fact, this technology will likely become much more important in the future. If you currently operate in a manual field service management setting, you may want to look at how your business is faring against competitors with more advanced tools such as mobile apps. You may find that your customers are quite happy with the service that they receive through your company’s App, and it could make the difference between you staying in business or going out of business.

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