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Birthday Party Game: 9 Easy Tips to Create a Fun Milestone Birthday Trivia Quiz

How do you honor someone special who is celebrating an important birthday and also entertain your guests at the same time? It is easy! Simply create a personalized trivia game with questions that focus attention on the guest of honor’s history, personality, and interests. Here are nine easy steps to help you get there.

1. Start a basic list of questions. You’ll want to discover the things your guest of honor likes best. Write your favorite color, movies, TV shows, songs, food, restaurant, shop, vacation destination and hobbies. You can break it down further if you get even more specific. For example, in the food category, you could ask for your favorite fruit, ice cream flavor, chocolate bar, Chinese food, hamburger chain, and Italian dish.

Include some important news on the list. You could ask what their first job was, address, girlfriend or boyfriend, pet, and the first time they voted. Observe the childhood of the guest of honor (what he wanted to be when he grew up, best friend as a child). Drop a few names (list two co-workers, best man or maid of honor, middle name).

2. Go to the source for answers. If you want to make sure your answers are accurate, ask the person who experienced it. Unless it’s a surprise party, you can interview the guest of honor to get all the facts. Ask him specific questions, then encourage him to turn those answers into stories. Take notes and choose interesting information to include in your questionnaire.

3. Get a different perspective. Ask a close friend or family member to remember the birthday boy or girl. They may present little known details about the person. Note that if you obtain the history secondhand, it might be a good idea to verify the information with the celebrant.

4. Edit any questions that may embarrass the guest of honor. The idea is to recognize the celebrant for his personality, achievements and way of life, without feeling uncomfortable, without revealing secrets or awakening unpleasant memories.

5. Make it even more interesting with photos. Display a picture of the celebrant’s beloved childhood pet and ask for that dog’s name. Present a snapshot of the old family home and ask your guests for the name of the street. Look in old photographs for ideas for questions.

6. Format your questions. Use multiple choice, true or false and fill in the blank. An example of multiple choice might be: “In which hospital was Fred born: a – Margaret Hague, b – Jersey City Medical Center or c – St. Francis Hospital?”

You can be more imaginative with true or false, because you can make up things that will have a false answer. For example, “True or false, when Maria was little, did she have a guinea pig as a pet?” If a guest answers correctly as false, you can give them extra points if they know that they actually took care of a hamster.

7. Rearrange your questions. Start with the easiest ones that would be common knowledge to most of the guests. Knowing the answers to the majority of the partygoers will build confidence. Then, once the group is comfortable responding, increase the difficulty to make it more challenging.

8. Decide how to play this birthday party game. You can put each question on a separate sheet of paper and let people draw a question and an answer. Another option is to just read each one and let anyone yell an answer. Or you can play by teaming up and doing it as a game show, like “Family Feud.”

9. Choose an award. Even if you award just a small token, it will liven up the competition at the birthday party. You may want it to also relate to one of the guest of honor’s interests. How about sharing a DVD of your favorite movie, a gift card to your favorite restaurant, or a book about one of your hobbies?

It’s easy to create a custom trivia quiz based on the guest of honor’s life. Your audience will have fun with this lively party game and maybe even learn something new about the celebrant. The birthday boy will be honored by the attention that is focused on his story and uniqueness. And it will help make this very important birthday an event to remember.

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