Coast to Coast Road Trips – A Great Way to See America

There aren’t many better ways to see America than on coast-to-coast road trips. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, or the other way around, there are so many different cultures and peoples to see along the way that you’ll want to set aside at least a couple of weeks for this once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Coast-to-coast road trip planning

What is the difference between a simple car trip and a road trip? Car travel is meant to be just an easy means of getting to a destination. The destination, on a car trip, is the means to reach the end. A road trip, however, is a vacation in its own right. There are places, people, and scenic routes to discover on a road trip. There are unknown journeys ahead and part of the fun of a road trip is the planning and anticipation of one.

When planning a road trip, a good starting point is to have a general idea of ​​the route you are going to take. For example, you already know that you are driving from east to west, and you know that you want to go through the middle of the country, or perhaps what detours you want. Pick up the highway maps of all these states and the major cities you will be entering. A road atlas is an easy way to have all these maps in one small package. Remember, it’s the discovery and exploration of the smallest (sometimes non-existent) lines on the map that makes it a road trip.

What to take on road trips from coast to coast

It is always better to be as well prepared as possible for every eventuality during a road trip. You never know if or when the car might break down, or if you’ll be stranded in a remote location with the only civilization miles away.

* Refrigerator and water – top of the list. Never get caught without these items.

* Battery Operated Weather Alert Radio. Sometimes it’s fun to get caught in a thunderstorm, but when you’re on the road and it’s unexpected and intense, you’ll wish you had brought it with you so you had plenty of time to protect yourself.

* Huge plush towels. These will work well as towels for an unexpected bath, a picnic cloth on the roadside ground, a curtain to hide behind while you change, and hundreds of other uses.

* Music and audiobooks. Even though there’s a lot going on outside the vehicle’s confines, you’ll still want to be comfortable and have your most treasured road tunes to listen to.

* Appetizers. An empty and growing stomach means you can’t enjoy your surroundings. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, granule bars, and fruit that don’t bruise easily.

routes to take

* Highway 50 begins and ends in Maryland and California, or vice versa, depending on where your trip begins. Highway 50 runs through the central part of the United States through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and continues through Nevada and California. This is a historic and memorable route with many inspirations to discover.

* Route 66, although not truly located on the Atlantic coast, this route is too popular and historic not to mention. Starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles, Route 66 also has many beautiful places to visit along the way.

* Of course, there are endless routes to take on your road trips from coast to coast, and it’s best to consult a highly respected online forum like map quest or road atlas before you begin your journey.

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