Current trend in commercial bars

A commercial bar is a popular place to be nowadays. As well as being a great place to enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bars are also a great place to socialize and catch up on the latest news on a wide variety of topics.

Most of the cities in the world have bars in existence. In fact, this commercial establishment has become one of the main places for leisure and tourism that any urban center can offer its visitors. Some restaurants also have a separate bar area from the main dining room where the atmosphere is quite a bit more formal compared to commercial and sports bars that promote a more casual environment.

But what makes a bar a bar? Normally, a commercial bar or any bar has a high bar, higher than the usual table and with stools or high chairs also on the outside. The bars can be of any shape: long and straight, square or rectangular or semicircular. The designs and styles today are endless and they have also become more advanced.

Usually the bars are made of wood. But while many commercial areas still use the material, others have gone modern in style and design by using other materials such as metal, especially stainless steel, or a combination of wood and other material.

Nowadays, a distinctive accessory attached to most of the bars that many of you have surely seen are the foot rails. These foot rails are the long tubes installed at the bottom of the bar frame to provide a resting place for your feet. This fixture surrounds the entire bar area so that people sitting and standing around it can have something to put their feet up on. It is an added functionality to the bar as well as a comfort accessory for the feet.

Foot rails also come in various materials and shapes. There’s classic wood and modern metals ranging from stainless steel to brass tubes. These foot rails are the long posts or tubes you see attached to the bottom of the bar with brackets in between for support. Tubes today also come in round and square shapes with decorative brackets and end caps.

If you opt for the metal footboard, a great design tip is to complement it with metal stools or to use metal brackets, although the seating area can be made of another material. Depending on your preference, the bar stools or chairs may or may not be padded on the seat. They can also be of the fixed type or swivel and adjustable stools with or without backrest.

Another option is to choose between the metal stool with a single base and those with four legs. With swivel stools, people sitting in the bar area can turn in whichever direction they want without having to stand up and adjust the position of the stool.

Typically, these high stools have a foot rest area at the bottom. However, it is still a good idea to install foot rails in the bar area for the convenience of guests who frequent the business establishment.

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