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E3Live – Top 10 Health Benefits of Blue-green Algae

E3Live – Top 10 Health Benefits of Blue-green Algae

Blue-green algae are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

It has been touted as a super food. It is organic, easily digestible, and full of antioxidants.

It is extremely rich in minerals and has a higher concentration of beta-carotene than broccoli.

Blue-green algae also contain around 60-70% plant protein and provide all the essential amino acids. All these benefits without the risk of consuming meat, which is high in cholesterol and difficult to digest.

A rich source of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, enzymes and antioxidants make blue-green algae an ideal food for both adults and children. Even pets can greatly benefit from this nutrient-packed food.

Being highly concentrated in so many nutrients, blue-green algae offer numerous benefits for our well-being. We’ll take a look at the top ten health benefits of blue-green algae:

1) Anti-aging: Loaded with more essential nutrients and iron than most of the foods we eat, blue-green algae are perfect as an anti-aging food. Its high concentration of antioxidants means that our body can fight more free and toxic radicals.

2) Relief from headaches and aches: our immune system is strengthened.

3) Energy Booster: has rejuvenating effects

4) Better Digestion – Coats the stomach lining and is packed with enzymes that help improve digestion.

5) Sleep Better – It’s detoxifying, resulting in better sleep.

6) Lose weight – Fewer food cravings, a more balanced appetite.

7) Increased concentration and focus: increased energy and mental clarity.

8) Strengthens hair, skin and nails: high in protein, which is the main component for healthy hair, skin and nails

9) Less anxiety: it has beneficial effects on the development of our brain and can help us better cope with stress.

10) Improves memory: since it has effects on the development of our brain, the regular consumption of blue-green algae has also been shown to have an impact on our memory.

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