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Flying Monkey Delta – The Story Behind Its Creation

Flying Monkey Delta

I’ve always had a flying monkey tattoo on my arm, and thought it was time to put it on this flight. I got a call from my husband the other day, and he asked if I’d fly in and take him. Well, since I’ve been playing with the simulator game, I decided ” alright ” and said ” Sure, why not.” He said “Great!” Then he started to growl, and asked “Is that a real plane?” (I told him no, it’s a simulator game).

After about 20 minutes of conversation, I asked him if he wanted to play with the flying monkey delta. I told him I could try, since my husband wasn’t going to be there. I loaded the game, and before I knew it, he had it flying and was looking right into my eyes. It was quite an experience, and totally different from the cockpit of an actual airplane.

Flying monkey delta 8

Once the game was over, and I was turned around and ready to go, I noticed something strange about the seat next to me. There was this small rubberized thing (I later found out it’s called a strut) that went up and down with the plane’s wing. Normally when you’re flying an airplane this would not be there, as it would make the plane twist around and make for an unstable flight. I suppose this adds to the feeling of actually flying, but it’s definitely a design flaw.

The Story Behind Its Creation

The next time we took a trip across the state, I asked him what it was again. He told me that it was actually a flying monkey, and that it was just like one I’ve seen in the jungle. It seemed very realistic, and the sound and movements were quite accurate. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the flying monkeys in cartoons, but this seemed way more fun to me. Anyway, he did explain that they were quite good at flying, and liked having the control over the direction they wanted to fly.

That was until one day we were flying over Fort Collins, and I suddenly became aware of all the kids flying around. My child asked where they’d all been, and I told him that they were flying a remote-controlled airplane over the reservoir there. The kids started asking questions, and suddenly one of them jumped in to the air. She was holding her arms behind her and was screaming about how scary flying was. She was so excited, I thought she might burst into tears.

It turned out that she was one of the new pilots that were receiving training from the flying monkeys. I was so glad that I could share this story with my son, and that I didn’t have to interrupt his precious sleep to ask him what that meant. As I said, though, we’ve been flying for quite some time now, and we’re always looking for new ways to make our flying adventures more exciting. This is one that I will always be able to tell.

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