Free Chakra Healing Course Online From Universal Class

Chakra Healing Course

This course will teach you how to balance and heal the chakras using simple techniques. You will learn about the seven major energy centers and how to unblock them, thereby allowing your life force to flow as nature intended. You will also be able to understand which symptoms you are experiencing may relate to a particular chakra that needs to be opened.

This online course will allow you to take a deep dive into the energy system that governs your physical, emotional and mental health. It will show you how to use this knowledge to help others and yourself feel better and live the life you desire. The class is taught by a renowned teacher and author in the field of energy healing, Anodea Judith. It will cover everything from how to perform a basic chakra reading, to how to heal your own chakras.

The free Chakra Healing Course Online from Universal Class will allow you to study at your own pace and on any device you have access to internet. This includes your smart phone, tablet and PC. Each week you will learn about a specific chakra and how to open, clear and activate it. The course also covers tools like healing stones, essential oils, pendulums and Reiki symbols to aid in the healing process.

Free Chakra Healing Course Online From Universal Class

You will also learn about the higher chakras, their purpose and how to use them to improve your life and gain ethereal gifts. It will also cover the minor chakras and how they work with the lower ones. You will be able to integrate chakra balancing into any other healing modality you may already use, including massage and reiki.

A Chakra Healing course is a great way to learn how to balance your own energy, as well as those of family members and friends. This will be especially beneficial for people who have been suffering from depression, anxiety or other ailments. A reputable online Chakra Healing Course will provide you with all the necessary information and practices that will allow you to successfully perform a chakra balancing session on yourself or someone else.

You will also learn the benefits of incorporating chakra balancing into your life, as well as ways to entwine it with other healing techniques you already use for yourself and your clients. Then, you will be able to provide them with a holistic approach to improving their lives. You can even build a fulfilling career and side business as a certified chakra reader. With this training, you can start offering chakra healing sessions to your clients and get paid for it. So, what are you waiting for? Take a free chakra healing course online from the comfort of your home and see what a difference it can make in your own life! You never know, it could be the change you have been looking for. This is a course that is available to all levels of experience, from beginner to seasoned professional.

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