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Good logic for adding a solid set of Nerf or side bars to your truck or SUV

Nerf bars, like many other great car accessories, found their way through the world of racing. Produced for asphalt or dirt oval track racing cars, they were mounted around the side of the cars so they could bump into each other as they passed so their wheels wouldn’t collide. Fast-spinning tires coming into contact with an extra set of fast-spinning tires on the track creates serious problems and can lift cars into the air. Typically with negative benefits.

These, naturally, have been modified a bit to fit well on trucks, SUVs, jeeps and 4x4s, and even vans. Its purpose was shifted towards a nice side step to facilitate access for taller cars. Especially for those in the short section. Usually a round tube that has a rubber step on top, they clearly make getting on it much safer and easier. Especially in bad weather conditions.

These side tube steps can be purchased in black, chrome, and usually stainless steel, and range in length from single steps to full-length bars that run the distance between the wheels. Manufactured by leading vehicle accessory manufacturers such as Westin, Romak, Raptor, Go Rhino, Lund and others, the selection of designs one can get is quite impressive. This helps each and every truck not mimic every other truck and helps you express a little more of who you are!

Typically mounted to the body, these will ease the weight of any human coming aboard and give your gear a great look. They can also be used as a form of side protection bar for those trips through the brush. For more rugged activities, these can be secured to the frame of the vehicle, helping it deal with the impact of rocks and stumps and other things if you’re driving off-road. They can also be used as a lifting point if you need to work underneath or change a tire. This particular bar really turns into a Slider or maybe Rock Bar.

Nerf bar steps have also often been called side steps, tube steps, step bars, rebar, step rails, step tubes, faceted tubes, truck steps, or simply Nerf bars. Whatever you call it, its function and purpose is identical. A fantastic way to get on your platform safely and with some style! Constructed of heavy-duty steel, they’ll take a substantial amount of action while still looking good. In addition, they are designed to last a long time.

So take some time, browse the many aftermarket web stores and search all over town or anywhere cool cars hang out, and find a pair of side bars to suit your rig and your personality. You deserve it and you absolutely should have nothing less!

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