Hormonal contraceptives for women: blessing or bane?

The sexual revolution of the 1960s was sparked by the advent of the birth control pill, in addition to a few other reasons. This was the first of the hormonal contraceptives for women and was welcomed by large numbers of women in the United States and Europe because it gave them the upper hand when it came to birth control. Until then, women had to deal with unwanted pregnancies or rely on men to use condoms.

Hormonal contraceptives for women work on the principle of slightly altering a woman’s hormonal level so that ovulation does not occur.

It also slightly alters the environment of the cervix and uterus so that it becomes an inhospitable place even if fertilization occurs. These hormonal contraceptives for women allow women to have sex throughout the month without having to fear about pregnancy and without waiting for the man to use a condom. There are many benefits to using these contraceptives and there are now quite a few varieties available in addition to the humble pill.

Today’s woman can choose between hormonal patches, injections, or implants in case she wants to enjoy a trouble-free love life. These hormones are administered by doctors after a proper evaluation of the woman’s health to determine if she will benefit from them. Obviously, there are differences between the various types of modern hormonal contraceptives for women, but the common factor is that she does not have to worry about birth control once the hormones are administered for up to 3 years in certain cases.

A woman can have a smooth sex life with contraception on her own terms if she uses these hormonal contraceptives. You just have to stop using them in case you want to try to get pregnant. However, there are certain downsides to using hormonal birth control for women, as many women have discovered. Their biggest drawback is that they do nothing to protect her from sexually transmitted diseases since there is no physical barrier between the woman and her sexual partner. A woman who has many sexual partners can risk her life if she does not use condoms and prefers to use these hormonal methods. Many women are not even aware of this fact and, in fact, have unprotected sex with multiple partners.

The other problem with this method compared to barrier methods of birth control is that it upsets the hormonal balance of the body. This can have some negative side effects, such as excessive bleeding, breast pain, or even weight gain. Many women are not convinced of the benefits of these hormonal contraceptives simply because of these negative side effects.

Like any other type of contraceptive method, hormonal contraceptives for women should be used responsibly. If this is the case, the advantages of this method greatly outweigh the disadvantages. This is the reason why this method of birth control is gaining popularity with women around the world who do not want to depend on men to make decisions about family planning.

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