How do you select the meats for your jerky subscription?

How do you select the meats for your jerky subscription?

You’re sitting in a meeting, listening to your boss drone on and on. They’re asking you to do things that you don’t understand.

The only thing that can save you from this meeting hell is a pack of beef jerky. And, luckily for you, there’s a subscription service that can help you out.

Selecting the meats

Jerky subscriptions not only elevate your snacking experience but also support local small-town artisans. Look for subscription packages that offer a wide range of styles and flavors. Some may even include exotic flavor options that will thrill your taste buds.

Aim for lean cuts of beef. Jerky makers prefer cuts with minimal intramuscular fat because the fat cannot be fully dehydrated. This type of fat sits between the muscles and contributes to the jerky’s rich flavor. It is better to save fancy cuts like ribeye and brisket flats for other uses.

Another option is to use pectoral meat, which comes from the muscle near the bottom sirloin. This cut is thin, fibrous and chewy, but it has big, bold, meaty flavor. Flank steak is a similar cut, but it has long tough grains that require careful slicing against the grain. It is a good choice for jerky, but it doesn’t work well as a tenderizer.

Choose a subscription plan

Keep your pantry, cupboards, glove boxes, and pants pockets full of jerky with a subscription. With plans ranging from two bags to up to eight, you can choose the best one for your snacking needs.

Look for a subscription that offers curated selections of unique flavors from small-batch producers. These artisanal meat snacks will delight your palate and provide an exciting taste adventure. Plus, you’ll be supporting local small-town artisans, whose hard work and passion help make the world’s best jerky.

The Double G jerky subscription package provides a mix-and-match shipment of 2 beef and game meats. It’s perfect for adventurous eaters and also makes a great gift!

Selecting a flavor profile

When shopping for a jerky subscription, consider your recipient’s personality and food preferences. Salty food lovers are often competitive and seek consistent gratification, while those who enjoy spicy flavors are likely to be bold and daring. Sweet lovers, on the other hand, are typically agreeable and display altruism. This information can help narrow down the selection to the perfect gift for them!

The gift of a monthly shipment of exclusive, limited-availability jerky is a tasty and thoughtful way to show your recipient how much you care. It also saves you money compared to one-time purchases, and the subscription package allows you to choose your own delivery frequency.

For example, the Three Jerks jerky subscription package is made from filet mignon, which is a tender cut of meat that yields two ounces of delicious jerky. This jerky is free of artificial ingredients and gluten, making it the ideal snack for road trips or camping excursions. You can also customize the delivery schedule and select your favorite flavors.


Keeping pantry cupboards, glove boxes, and pants pockets filled with beef jerky requires near-constant trips to the store. A jerky subscription is the perfect solution.

Jerky is usually made from beef or turkey but can also be produced from other meats such as fish and even game meats like antelope and venison. In recent years, plant-based jerky has been developed for those looking for a vegetarian option.

Jerky is generally low in fat and high in lean protein. It can also be a good source of iron and zinc. However, be careful of the sodium content and preservatives. Look for clean-label jerky options that fit into your healthy diet and lifestyle.

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