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How Liquid Protein Injections Can Play an Important Role in the Vegetarian Lifestyle

In a study published by the Vegetarian Times, about 3.2 percent of people in the United States, or about 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian diet. Of those people, approximately 1 million follow a vegan diet, in which they do not consume any products of animal origin. For people who choose to follow a vegetarian diet, it is a lifestyle choice in which they abstain from all meat, but can still consume animal products like milk, cheeses, and butter, for example.

The vegan lifestyle follows the principle that prevents them from consuming or using anything that comes from animals. While there are many health benefits seen from following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it is important not to participate in any of them without the proper information and education. You may have already noticed that vegetarians and vegans have eliminated a key element of their diet, meat. It turns out that meat is an important source of protein in the human diet, and protein is essential for humans to stay healthy. It is important that you understand the role of protein in your diet and know that if you choose the path of vegetarianism or veganism, you must look to other sources of protein to account for what you do not get through animal products.

A brief introduction to protein and why it is necessary to consume it

Protein is an extremely important element of the human body. It is found in our DNA, all of our cells, bones, organs, and bodily fluids. That being said, protein is the second most important thing you need in your body (the first is water, since your body is made up mostly of it). As an energy source, protein provides the same amount as carbohydrates (4 calories per gram). It is important for cell repair, muscle growth and the proper functioning of the human body. So you may be wondering exactly why you need to get enough protein in your diet. Really, how much harm could be done if I did not receive the required daily amount? People suffering from protein deficiency may experience unhealthy weight loss, fatigue, and reduced performance capacity and endurance.

However, low protein intake is generally not a problem to worry about in America, because people get more than enough protein from the food they eat every day. Even seasoned vegetarians and vegans don’t really need to worry about not getting enough protein in their diets as they understand their diet and are aware of alternative sources as they don’t consume animal products.

Protein Sources

The main source of protein in the human diet would be animal products such as meat, milk, eggs, and cheese. Two ounces of lean meat, fish, or poultry contain about 14 grams of protein. Veal, lamb, and veal will have the highest sources of protein that you will find in the meat classes (DietaryFiberFood.com). For those of you who are vegetarians and vegans, this does not matter as you will not be getting your daily protein needs from these sources. However, vegetarians can consume some animal products, such as eggs and milk. While these sources do not contain the same protein levels as meat, they are viable ways for vegetarians to meet their needs.

Another protein source that vegetarians and vegans will likely turn to are beans, lentils, and soybeans. These options will give them the protein they need for their bodies to function; however, beans, lentils, and soybeans do not contain the same amino acids found in animal products.

Vegetables, nuts, breads, and cereals are also sources of protein. While they do contain amounts of protein, it is significantly less than what you will end up finding in items that even rank at the bottom of the meat / animal category. A mix of sources from this group, as well as sources from the group of beans, lentils, and soy will help vegetarians and vegans to create a well-balanced diet with a sufficient amount of protein.

There is another option that vegetarians can turn to when supplementing their diet. Liquid Protein Injections are a protein source that contains 25 grams of protein per serving. Products, like those available at Protica, contain this and can be taken up to three times a day, giving you more than enough quality protein.

How this helps people who are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle

Many people want to follow a vegetarian lifestyle. However, they fall into the trap of not knowing which is the right way to go. They will try this way of life for a short period of time, only to conclude that it is too harsh and restrictive. They eliminate all sources of protein from their diet and feel hungry, tired, and in a bad mood.

A vegetarian diet, or even a vegan diet for that matter, does not mean that you will eliminate protein from your diet. This is not possible because you know that protein is vital for survival. Vegetarians and vegans should be on the lookout for alternative sources. If you go for liquid protein injections (vegetarian at least, anyway), you can rest assured that you are feeding your body quality protein that does not come from the slaughter of animals.

Another great thing about this protein source is the portability of it. The small vials of liquid protein can be taken almost anywhere. If a vegetarian goes out to dinner with friends, they can take the liquid protein with them and drink it before or after going to the restaurant. This option is essential for vegetarians, as it allows them the freedom that “carnivores” have and properly nourishes their body. Also, it does not contain the same unhealthy fats found in animal products and was not produced by killing animals. These are all things vegetarians look for when they follow this lifestyle and liquid protein injections definitely fit the bill.

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