How long does it take to create a video with an AI Video Generator?

create a video with an AI Video Generator

When used right, AI can help save time and money on video creation. Whether it’s editing a social media clip, finding appropriate visual assets or generating human-like avatars for voiceovers, an AI tool can streamline the process by taking away tedious tasks that would otherwise require a lot of manual labor. This allows creators to focus on storytelling, concepting and other creative aspects that can make the difference between a good video and a great one.

Many AI video tools offer a baseline video template to serve as a starting point for content creation. This may be a general video design for a certain topic or format, or it may have specific features that cater to different use cases such as e-learning and training videos or YouTube, Instagram reels and other digital platforms. This saves time and resource on ideation and content creation, allowing creators to create quality video in a fraction of the time.

Some AI Video Generator tools also provide text-to-video capabilities that can turn scripts and other written content into engaging video with human-sounding audio, an avatar, and other elements that can take the place of a live actor in marketing or e-learning videos or a voice artist for branding or vlogs. This can save businesses the cost of hiring a professional actor or paying for expensive equipment like green screens and camera lenses, while delivering a similar effect to a live video.

How long does it take to create a video with an AI Video Generator?

While some AI video editors have been criticized for their poor quality of audio and voiceovers, others have received high praise for the quality and naturalness of the results. Fliki, for example, offers a variety of voice features including voice cloning and a built-in translator, as well as a large library of audio files to choose from. Its simulated human voices have been described as being realistic, with accurate timing and pauses that enhance the overall quality of the finished product.

The best AI Video Editor software also has the ability to detect and comply with specific brand guidelines, which helps ensure consistency across all video content and assets. This makes it easier for brands to maintain a consistent look and feel with their video productions, which is essential to creating effective and engaging content.

Some AI video editing tools allow users to add a wide range of stickers, effects and transitions to their videos. This expands creativity and can add a more polished look to finalized videos. This is particularly useful for vloggers and other content creators who want to produce stylish and eye-catching videos that can garner attention on social media or in other online channels. Some AI video editing tools also feature drone or DSLR footage editing, which can be a great benefit for business owners who frequently shoot videos in the field or are looking to boost their production quality for more compelling content. These features include a range of tilt-shift effects, color correction and filters, and more for enhanced creativity and a more professional-looking output.

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