How To Last Longer In Bed – Free Simple Tips To Show You How To Last Longer During Sex

Do not be ashamed.

Do not be ashamed.

Do not postpone the sensual act of making love with your partner, just for a simple problem of premature ejaculation. On 80% of men You can relate to this problem, but it is easy to overcome this problem.

I have written ten easy tips for you then to implement right now and be spreading your penetrating love doing what’s right from the next time you have sex, ensuring you last longer in bed. There are many potions, tablets, sprays and cures claimed on how to last longer in bed and how to have sex longer. none of them work. Some cause skin irritation, some cause so much numbness in the penis that you can’t even feel aroused, some potions have unpleasant odors and some just don’t work or worse, numb your partner’s genitals too!

Premature ejaculation is both a psychological and physiological problem that are closely related. However, by following the tips below, you will see an increase in performance and you will see that you can last longer in bed almost immediately.

Without further rambling, my top 10 tips are as follows;

1) Learn to stop! Don’t do it like a bull in a china shop. If you feel like you are getting close to the point of no return, STOP. Withdraw your penis and change what you were doing.

2) Breathing. Control your breathing through your nose with deep breaths. This will slow down all of your arousal and put you back in control making you last longer in bed.

3) Use a condom (or two!). A cheap and easy (and not at all suspicious) way to reduce the sensitivity of your penis (particularly the tip (glans)), thus helping it to last longer.

4) Stimulate your partner. Forget yourself. Almost as much pleasure (without ejaculation) can be obtained for both partners if you focus on pleasing your lover. Step away from your own penetration and work your magic with your hand or mouth to bring your partner to climax, or close to climax. You can then continue after your partner is satisfied or join in just as you are about to climax.

5) Deep circular movements. Stop overstimulating the head of your penis and change your penetration technique to a circular motion so that your entire penis (so less of the head) is stimulated and lasts longer in bed.

6) Rent rent rent. Or rather position. Your partner on top reduces your movement and emotion (as opposed to you being on top doing all the work). This can be a great help for the control you have and the stimulation you receive.

7) Diversionary tactics! At least for your mind anyway. No, don’t think about your naked mother. At her place, she holds the tip of her tongue to the roof of her mouth. This is a simple, effective and unknown trick for your lover.

8) First masturbate. If you have been aroused all night with your partner, then the anticipation buildup is too much and will almost certainly result in premature ejaculation. Compensate for this by going to the bathroom and masturbating 10 minutes before you actually make your move.

9) Stay in control. This may encompass some other aspects of these 10 tips, but if you have the mindset of being in control, rather than getting overly excited, then you can back out at any time, change positions, give oral stimulation, and generally decide the outcome of the experience.

10) The muscle ‘behind the balls’. Forget its scientific name. Hold this muscle or press on it with your hand when you feel the urge to come. A little practice with this technique will be an immediate relief.

With these in place, you’ll be well on your way to making a more sensual lover, a more relaxed lover, and one that can last longer in bed and have sex longer until it’s up to you your partner is sexually satisfied (well almost!) and you too are ready to join in on that pleasurable feeling.

Good luck with your new found controller… **********

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