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How To Use Article Content To Get Free Leads For Your Internet Network Marketing Business

Every good network marketer generates their own tracks.

As a network marketer, I’d like to reveal a great secret to getting good, high-quality leads for your multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing business. I’m having HUGE success generating leads for my business, and I’d be selfish not to share them with you.

You may have heard in the world of online marketing that “content is king”, especially when it comes to attracting quality visitors to your website.

I’m here to tell you what my deadliest weapon is. It’s called article content. With the content of the article, there are five (5) steps that you must know if you want to be very successful in MLM.

They are the following:

  1. Create your article and submit it to the directories of your choice. When I say directories, I don’t mean just one or two directories. One or two won’t cut it. The idea here is to generate as many one way links (or backlinks) to your website to generate as much free traffic as you want. You can download a list of the most popular article directories anywhere on the web so you can start submitting your articles.
  2. Use the article you created, “spin” and then post it on your blog. What I mean by “spinning” an article is that you take the article you wrote in Step 1, change some of the words to make it unique to search engines, and then submit it to your blog. Make sure to ping your blog. You can use services like Pingoat or Pingomatic that will ping various blog directories for you.
  3. Post your article on Digg. You can open a free Digg account and submit your article there. Again, be sure to “rotate” it before submitting. With every article you post, be sure to “Digg It!” so that other people find your content and start sharing it with other users of the network.
  4. Take the content of your article and make a video version of it to put on YouTube and other video sharing sites. You’d be surprised how many people browse YouTube or MySpace Video just to see who the author of the article is. Some potential network marketers want to “get a feel” for their sponsor by watching them on video before they sign up to their downline.
  5. Finally, send a copy of your article to your downline members or potential distributors on your mailing list. What you are doing here is preparing the people on your list to funnel them into your real business opportunity. Not everyone is going to sign up for your opportunity, but the more you submit articles to them, the more you will establish yourself as a position of authority in network marketing. After all, people join people in network marketing and NOT companies. Therefore, your email recipients want to know if you are competent enough to lead them to success.

If you’re really serious about success, accomplishing these five tasks shouldn’t be a problem for you. As long as your articles and videos stay published, you should get FREE, high-quality leads for your network marketing business, and watch your retirement account grow.

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