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How your thoughts affect the size of your breasts

Close your eyes for a moment and draw a mental picture of yourself. Imagine how you are now and focus on focusing on each part of your body, one at a time. Start from the top of the head and follow the hairline to the face, collarbones, shoulder line, breasts, abdomen, to the hips, thighs, and finally to the toes.

Next, examine how it feels when your mental camera zooms in on each part of your body. For most people, there will be aspects of their body that will bring a surge of pride when they focus and other parts of the body that will cause a feeling of dissatisfaction when they focus.

This is the image you have of yourself and the different parts of your body.

If you are currently reading this article, you probably experienced a feeling of disgust concentrating on your breasts. As your mind focused on the region of your chest, perhaps you found yourself wishing unhappily that this region was larger, firmer, fuller, rounder, more uniform, etc.

This is quite common. Of all the body parts we are wonderfully gifted with, the breasts are an overwhelming focus point. Almost everyone has an opinion about them, whether they are their own or someone else’s. Unlike other parts of the body, for example the belly button, the breasts are something that most people are aware that they are satisfied or, as is often the case, that they are not satisfied.

You are probably already aware of this fact. He experienced it just now as his mental camera zoomed in on the region of his chest. Now think for a moment: if you consciously have these ideas, opinions, and feelings regarding your breasts … how does your subconscious view your breasts?

Now, more importantly, what does your subconscious believe to be true about your breasts? Do you have the belief that your breasts are beautiful, firm, large and elastic, or do you hold the belief that they are inadequate, sagging, sagging, and that they just won’t grow no matter what you do?

If you have tried various natural breast enhancement methods and have had no luck with any of them, your subconscious probably has a certain belief about your breasts that will not allow your breasts to grow. simply because larger breasts don’t fit your subconscious mind’s idea of ​​what your body is like.

Before you begin to see external changes in your body, your internal impression of your body must change. But how is this possible ?, you ask, when I’m looking at my breasts right now and they just aren’t what I want.

Okay, when you look in the mirror, it reflects off your breasts that are not your size, shape, etc. ideals. And you accept this image as reality, your reality, the reality of your breasts. You are just a woman who has breasts the way she has them now. It’s genetic, you tell yourself. However, it is my lifestyle. Now, it’s just my luck.

Don’t be so willing to accept what you think is reality. Your subconscious mind is the largest part of the functioning of your mind and its influence is much, much greater than your conscious mind, and you know how vast it is.

It is the subconscious mind that stores your memories, emotions, beliefs, habits, behaviors, values, programming, and instincts. Your subconscious mind controls the various neurons in your body to store the information the body needs to function. According to quantum physicist David Bohm, each neuron in your body is like a hologram that contains all the information from your subconscious. This information stored in neurons acts throughout the body.

If you currently have information that your breasts are neither growing nor growing, this information is being stored and processed by every cell in your body. It’s no wonder your breasts aren’t growing, they’re not supposed to, based on the subconscious plane you are on right now.

So how do you go about changing this subconscious plane for one of a person with beautiful and abundant breasts?

You should start by changing how you feel about your breasts, how your subconscious views your body, your breasts, and your capacity for beauty and growth.

Words and thoughts ignite images and images within our minds. Such images come to represent us what is possible, what we can achieve. These visualizations have an incredible effect on your subconscious because it basically sends the message to your subconscious that what you are representing is possible. What you think you can do, you can do.

But how do you train a mind that has become so used to thinking negatively about your breasts and your body? The easiest way to do this is through hypnosis.

Hypnosis lulls our conscious mind, the part that is observing the physical state of our unsatisfied breasts and judging them, into a state of silent tranquility so that we can work directly on our subconscious mind without interference.

Then visualizations (positive visualizations that portray exactly the kind of blueprint you want your subconscious to have on you) are created and stored on the blueprint of our minds.

The visualization that occurs during a hypnotic state has a much deeper impact than claims of rationalizing yourself by thinking that you can grow breasts, as these visualizations bypass the fussy conscious mind and are stored directly in the most important place: the subconscious. .

You can consciously believe that natural breast enhancement is possible. After all, most breast growth it is natural – occurs all the time, during puberty, pregnancy, and even when changing diet and lifestyle. However, if your subconscious holds onto the belief that your Your breasts weren’t meant to grow much, all the intellectual rationalization in the world won’t convince your breasts to grow.

Remember that what you instinctively believe to be true will come true. Testing natural breast enhancement through hypnosis is a completely safe, often free, method of increasing your breast size.

Although you are perfectly capable of visualizing your path to larger breasts for yourself, I recommend using a guided hypnosis program for guided imagery at first.

Find a quiet place, activate a guided hypnosis mp3, and allow yourself to create a new shot today.

Hypnosis makes these mind-generated visualizations even more powerful.

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