Jim Leyland is the tiger of this team!

Veteran manager Jim Leyland criticized his Detroit Tigers team for lackluster play at an unusual news conference yesterday.

This official leader said that his boys played as if they had already packed their bags for the next road trip and the current game was not important.

Plus, he said, at best “There’s a new Sheriff in town!” tone that he would not allow the loser mentality that has gripped Detroit to persist during his tenure.

You have to give it to this patron. The season still has 150 games to play, and Leyland is already gawping like it’s already August or September.

The cliché that “every game counts” certainly means something very real to this guy.

On the surface, he’s a manager who isn’t afraid to kick his billionaires’ butt every once in a while, and you have to admit, it’s refreshing.

Detroit fans should be proud that their manager is so serious, so soon. He is setting a level of expectation and expects his players to live up to it.

Yes, you can enjoy your big money, I might be hinting, but you’re not going to enjoy losing, not while I’m around.

We need more of this kind of leadership.

It’s great for the Tigers, for the fans, and for baseball!

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