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LG KM555E Mobile review: the mobile to set a path

LG has always been in the race to win the hearts of consumers and LG KM555E is expected to appear on the market with the same spree. There is no shortage of mobile phones on the market to suit every range of preferences, both in functionality and pocket depth. The company appears to have made efforts to make this outfit trendsetting. Let’s see what the company has decided to pack under its animated guise. But, we better start in advance from the box. Love at first sight comes from its sophisticated charm of elegance covered in three dazzling colors of black, purple and silver.

One look at anyone, makes the eyes stick due to the nice curves of the body. The absence of 3G will be the least important to any user, since the LG KM555E will have Wi-Fi. None of the demanding users, especially the young ones who the functions are aimed at, will want to think twice about the 40MB internal memory. The storage facility can be boosted up to 16GB with the use of a microSD (TM) (TransFlash) card. How can the mention of the 3-inch touchscreen be omitted? It is a 256k color TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. The function of the accelerometer sensor with auto-rotate interface remains intact.

It is necessary to write down a little more the memory of this set. Has a big belly to hold 1000 phone book entries and 300 call records; 100 each of the calls made, received and missed. Naturally, the ready expansion up to 16GB is expected to crave more despite transferring and exchanging data via Bluetooth® and microUSB. Keep taking photos, take videos or download videos and music; users will not be tied down by anything with their LG KM555E. The built-in music player allows you to play formats like MP3, WAV and AAC. Stereo FM radio with RDS is today a common feature that is not lacking for any manufacturer.

The elegant 3-inch touchscreen is accompanied by a 3.15 MP camera with a resolution of 2048 x 1538 pixels. Does it matter if there is no secondary camera? Active users can rest assured that they do not need a regular camera, as there is nothing left to be desired to take pictures. Users will be well equipped to make video recordings through the QVGA @ 30fps function on the main camera. The set is only eagerly awaited by those who have fallen in love with the images on the net.

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