Marriage with a bimbo: the worst mistake men make in marriage in the 21st century

There is one mistake you will make in life, especially in the realm of marriage, that will cause you a lifetime of regret and sadness. Marrying a Bimbo is the worst mistake many men make in marriage in the 21st century. It has cost many their fortune and hard-earned respect in life. He has torn many happy families apart and pushes the bread of sorrow down their esophagus or throat. It’s a fate-destroying mistake that can reduce an elevated personality to pimp juice.

A Bimbo is an attractive but unintelligent person who moves around and cares only about beauty and external cosmetics. He has no affinity for self-improvement of any kind, but believes that sex alone can solve problems in a relationship or marriage. He probably wasn’t born this way but acquired the negative trait through upbringing over time. A closer look at her journal will reveal that she has been through serially abusive relationships that ultimately foundered and cast her out. He can afford to stay in any relationship despite abuse and humiliation, as long as his material needs are met. She has no problem.

She approaches marriage from a materialistic perspective but has little or nothing else to contribute to the maintenance of the marriage.

A Bimbo believes that her chest is the key to accessing her lover’s or spouse’s riches, but she can never contribute productively to the well-being of the home. She would rather spend a lot on buying branded clothes, jewelry, and shoes than spend on herself to improve herself. She surfs the internet 24/7 for the latest sex positions and foreplay, but hardly checks the Financial Times and online business magazines. A Bimbo will cause you the following penalties:

1. Financial Pain: – If you’re the lousy type, a Bimbo will empty your bank account to buy often for herself and sponsor a younger boyfriend to satisfy her sexual urges in your absence.

2. Emotional pain: – A Bimbo will deny you access to her body if you are unable to meet her material needs. The truth is that she will not hesitate to open her legs to the guy who can afford to attend to her needs, even temporarily.

3. Health pain:- With his level of frivolity, he can catch diseases and infections that he will definitely pass on to you. If you are lucky, you will escape the poison of HIV/AIDS.

4. Family pain: – A Bimbo can bring a whole family to chaos with her selfish and heterosexual activities just to satisfy her. If she has a low income and has to work long hours every day, a Bimbo wife will definitely hang out with any of her willing relatives who can afford even the slightest need for her. It’s just a matter of time, you will find out that your older brother or your much younger brother is sleeping with your proud and beautiful Bimbo.

5. Eternal Pain: – If you use all known wit and wisdom to keep a Bimbo in marriage, you may later find out that other men outside or friends of yours are having babies in our house through your Bimbo-Sex Queen. At this, you can overreact and shoot someone, either your Sex-Queen or hers, and then book a life sentence in the prison yard. Beware! A Bimbo is watching your back.

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