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Medicare Back Surgery in Los Angeles

Thousands of patients get back pain treatments in the US every year. Conservative back pain treatments normally do not cost much however, surgical treatments can be expensive. This is the reason people in the US prefer getting their treatments under medicare insurance policy. Medicare is also preferred by doctors as the procedure of getting approvals is easier with medicare as compared to other commercial insurance policies. 

In what follows, you will be explained a few important things about medicare insurance and how back treatments can be obtained under it.

Back Surgery under Medicare Insurance:

Medicare coverage can be explained as follow;

Part A – This part addresses the cost of staying at a hospital. For a hospital stay to be considered valid, one must be admitted to a hospital under the category of inpatient hospital stay for back injury treatment. In addition to this, the hospital must accept medicare insurance and the stay is approved by the hospital’s Utilization Review Committee. If these conditions are met, following will be covered;

  • Cost of a private room if necessary
  • Food
  • General nursing
  • All the medications used as a part of your inpatient care
  • Miscellaneous hospital services and supplies

Part B – This part of the policy covers the cost of Doctor’s services as well as the cost you incur after leaving the hospital. For example, laboratory testing, supplies related to recovery, etc. 

Additionally, Part C and Part D are also available for special coverages like prescription drugs.

Why Medicare is Better than Other Policies for Back Surgery?

The primary reason patients and doctors like Medicare is it’s easy to understand the process. Things get through easily and there is no much hassle required. Patients prefer Medicare as it is offered by the Government and is accepted by most of the doctors. It is a huge advantage when many doctors accept your insurance policy as you can easily switch between one surgeon to the other without any problem.

Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles who accepts Medicare

If you happen to be looking for a medicare spine surgeon in Los Angeles, we would recommend you seeing Dr. Moksha Ranasinghe at Southern California Brain & Spine Surgery. She has professionally trained staff, who will do all the evaluation required for your medicare back pain treatment. You can save yourself time and effort and focus solely on your treatment.


In case your doctor feels that you need back surgery, it will be covered under medicare insurance Part A and Part B. It is recommended to check with the hospital/surgeon you are going to get the treatment if they accept medicare or not. Moreover, you should also ask them the amount that is covered and the amount that you will have to pay out of your pocket. Their staff will do the calculation for you. After having the estimate, you can decide if the treatment suits your budget or not.

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