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Mother’s day prayer

Our merciful God

Father son Holy Spirit; our Rock, Fortress and Salvation; our Lord and King; We bless you this morning as you bless us. You are our everything, Father, our Covenant Father who loves us unconditionally. We praise you!

Lord, we want to honor our mothers on this Mother’s Day. We raise our mothers before You and we thank You for the love, passion, energy and enthusiasm they have for their children. We bless our mothers in the name of Jesus, for his most sacred ministry: a godly work.

We also want to pray for those who are sad on Mother’s Day; for those who have lost their mothers and miss them terribly even though there may be so many great memories of the past. We pray for those mothers who have experienced the pain of loss; who has lost a child; a pain that always remains in sadness like the waves of the sea that move.

We thank you, Lord, that you hold these children until the day you have appointed when these mothers can finally reconcile with their little ones. We also pray for the ladies here, Lord Jesus, who cannot have babies, and we pray in their sadness for that ambiguous loss that may never have been – incomprehensible pain.

We pray that you minister to these people in their sadness, where they are now, and be the God of peace and comfort for and for each of them on this day. Be with them and within them by Your Spirit we ask you.

We also want to thank those, Lord, whose mothers let them down, where thinking about Mother’s Day brings back memories of pain and perhaps memories of abuse and / or neglect, mothers who were not there for them as their mothers should have been. We also pray for the guilt that mothers may carry; guilt that can be reconciled on the cross. We pray that Your Spirit will lead them aside and provide the path to forgiveness, healing, restoration, and wholeness. And we thank you that without our mothers we would not be.

We pray for those mothers, and for those children, who are far from each other right now; that you awaken in them the love that transcends distance and overcomes the limitations of space and time.

Finally, we pray for our new mothers and pregnant women; May you bless them with all confidence of love and joy, knowing the peace to which You have called them, to be a mother, the most sacred of human roles.

We lift up our mothers before you, Father, so that through your Holy Spirit you encourage them as they give their sacrifices of love, in their devotion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for and be there for their children, so that continue equipping them. today’s tasks and motherhood ahead of them, and empowering them to be all that they can be to their children and families, and give them the energy, strength, and confidence they need.

We prayed all these things as a requiem of praise for our Mothers, in and for the name of Jesus … and all the people said … AMEN.

© 2014 SJ Wickham.

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