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My PC3000 UDMA Experience – Reveal the ACE Lab Mask

As the first manufacturer of HD data recovery tools aimed at firmware restoration, so far ACE lab has already released 3 versions: PC3000ISA, PC3000PCI and PC3000UDMA. ACE Lab has a large number of customers from its first PCI version to the latest UDMA. However, for thousands of people, ACE lab’s product called PC3000 is like a sealed book that is not readable or understood by ordinary users. Now, as a customer of your ISA, PCI and UDMA ACE lab, I would like to reveal the mask of the ACE lab and restore the truth of PC3000.

I have business clients and they often ask me about the right data recovery device. Or directly, what do you think of the PC30000? Well, it is no longer a secret that PC3000 is the best known device in this field. Hereby, I would love to share my views on the Ace Lab product.

Through many years of development, it seems that PC3000 has a perfect picture in this field: powerful functions, stable working performance, and user script editing, etc. That’s right, PC3000 appears as the dominant industrialist. You will be recognized as an expert if you have the latest original version (PC3000 UDMA), and you can also master all the functions. But which country has the most PC3000 customers? Ironically, most of the clients are not in the US, Canada, Germany, India, but in China. Pirated versions are widely circulated and abused. For example, you can buy the pirated version of PCI for 500 USD or less, the normal original costs thousands. In this way, PC3000 gets great fame due to hacked users.

Well, it may be a bit off topic. I don’t want to discuss why the hacked PC3000 is in China. I just want to share my experience with PC3000 from the beginning.

I bought PC3000 UDMA with Data Extractor (DE) as the first batch of users in the United States in 2007, paid by credit card. Three weeks later, before losing my patience, I finally got my new toy. I must say that it was not a happy experience for me because I often get my things, like donation drives on eBay for a day or two.

To help more people get to know the PC3000UDMA, I will explain it in detail.

1) Installation and operations:

First you need a desktop computer to install the PCI card, then the program, there is a P / N number and password during installation, if you make a mistake during the process, you must start from the beginning. After installing the program, you need an email address to receive your activation key. Remember that you cannot use it on any other computer, even if you reinstall the PCI card or the program. It is to avoid the pirated version.

Some people think that if you have the UDMA card, you can recover data. That is totally wrong! The file recovery tasks are completed by the software-Data Extractor. So if you need PC3000USD and Data Extractor.

In the menu, you have hundreds of options and combinations, you need to switch between the options and do your best not to perform wrong operations. Otherwise, you can wash the data thoroughly. Someone naively thinks that if you have a genuine UDMA PC3000 then you can set up a data recovery company; they are just your illusions. It should take at least a year to get familiar with all the features and half to know the product. Also, experience is another key factor for people in this field.

2) Updates and support

Well I’m a little mad at your cruel upgrade policy. After a month from the date of my purchase, they announced a new update on their website. I called Deepspar in Canada and asked about the new update. And I said my version was not the latest and I wanted an update. A man on that end of the phone asked me, “Did you pay?” “No, I bought it a month ago.” Then I was asked to pay another hundred dollars to get the upgrade. Oh, I only bought it a month ago! It was even a hundred dollar matter, but it made me uncomfortable.

Well, after I emailed them and posted my questions on their forum, my anger at them increased. It seems that the ACE people disappeared or hired some part-time workers. I waited for their response for weeks and they just ignored my questions. Maybe because I have too many questions or because they thought I asked them too much about their secret technologies? I was totally confused. So, finally, I learn that the only one you can lean on is yourself. I keep learning and read your thick manual, along with time I master this piece of high-tech toy.

3) Functions and their development trend

As more hard drive models will appear on the market soon, the ACE lab needs to invest more in the new technology. Like the Seagate 7200.11 issue, they released the fix only a few months ago, but after a few other companies. Another piece of information is the RAID, more and more application in today’s Information Age, I already sent you this advice 1 year ago but it seems that they have not released their official version? Maybe they will be released after you pay extra fee.

Flash recovery / NAND chip recovery, a new technology trend, your Flash device; I’m very sorry I didn’t buy it yet. Hope they can really think about customers and make a capable device. Not just various models.

The data recovery market is heating up and requires not only products, but also support and training. More new data recovery companies will grow, they expect capable products, quality support, and general training. Especially its products are complex and difficult to understand. If they remain arrogant and ignore the needs of their customers, they will be replaced. The market is huge and promising, I think one day they will be replaced by competitors.

My suggestion for the ACE lab, 1) build more training and sales channels, don’t make your customers wait too long, they may change their minds; 2) be polite to your customers and be professional and responsible in your support; if it can be free, it will be better; 3) reset your price, your high price will scare you and you will lose some new beginners; 4) Make your tools simpler and simpler, no one wants to take years to master your products and start your business.

Finally, as a friendly tip for all computer users, Backup, Backup and Backup. If unfortunately, a data recovery service is required, then good luck to the Data Recovery folks.

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