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NASCAR Founding Fathers

Hello racing fans! Are you revving your engines? Can’t wait until the next NASCAR race? Have you ever wondered where and when this addictive sport started? Unofficially it began when deep in the forests, Depression-era farmers made illegal alcohol to earn money and support their families. It was difficult to get money for basic necessities. They learned to leave the law behind by making their cars go faster than what law enforcement officers had. One famous Moonshine runner is Junior Johnson from Ingle Hollow, he was never caught while running Moonshine (although I bet a lot of them weren’t caught!).

North Carolina is credited with creating the “pirate turn” in which the driver puts the car in second gear and makes a quick 180-degree turn, and returns the same way he came to avoid a roadblock. NASCAR’s roots lie primarily in the southern states. NASCAR is short for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. William France formed NASCAR in 1948. The first official race was held on February 15, 1948 in Daytona Beach, Florida and began to gain popularity from there. Then, in 1970, ABC began televising racing segments on Wide World of Sports. (I’m dating myself, but I remember when they started doing that! Even as a kid I had speed in my blood!)

Now NASCAR is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. Avid fans follow each race closely supporting their favorite driver and observing his points in the race. All I can say is …

See you at the races!

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