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Pick ’em Poker & Joker Pick’ em: Two Versions of Video Poker Worth Playing

Pick ’em Poker AND Joker choose them are two video poker games that are very popular in the casinos that offer them. If played correctly, both games can deliver more than 99% performance. You can find them online as Pick a pair of poker.

How Pick ’em Poker games are played

A single deck of 52 cards is used. (53 with the Joker version)

  • The player makes a bet of 1 to 5 coins (credits).

  • 2 cards are dealt face up to the left of the screen.

  • 2 additional sets of 3 cards each are dealt, one face up and two face down in each game.

  • Next, the player must select one of the 2 games that they believe will be the best poker hand when combined with the 2 face-up cards.

  • Once selected, will the five-card hand be revealed?

Winning payout amounts between regulars Choose them and the improved version with the jester differ in that the player can use the jester as a joker to complete any hand.

Payments can vary between jurisdictions. The following pay table lists include winning payout amounts for the maximum five coin bets (credit)


Maximum return

Royal Flush – 6,000

Ladder of Color – 1195

4 of a kind – 600

Full House – 90

Flush – 75

Straight – 55

3 of a kind – 25

2 pairs – 15

Match Jacks / Best – 10

Pair of 9’s / 10’s – 10


Maximum return

Royal flush – 10,000

5 of a kind – 2,000

Wild Royal – 1,000

Straight Flush – 500

4 of a kind – 100

Full House – 60

Flush – 50

Straight – 40

3 of a kind – 20

2 pairs – 10

Match Jacks / Best – 10

Pair 9’s / 10’s – Loss

Note that there are two more payout combinations for the Joker version on the higher value hands, but the more frequent lower value hands have smaller payouts than the non-Joker version. You also lose an even money payout for a pair of 9 or 10 when you select the Joker game, but also note that the Joker is wild.

Pick ’em Poker games have a house edge of less than 1% if played correctly.

The following strategy is recommended when you are ready to choose them:

Regarding any of the options, is there:

  • A pair?

  • Three parts of a line?

  • Three parts of a download?

  • Three of a kind?

  • Three parts of a straight flush?

  • Three parts of royalty?

If you see a jester in any of the sets, Choose them.

If none of the above, call Lady Luck!

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