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Racial injustice bewildered or off with immoral color

The current incident with Arizona immigration law creates many administrative challenges within an existing complex global environment. Furthermore, confused Arizona and American citizens will ponder misinterpretations that result from misunderstanding. In essence, puzzling injustice can occur simply as a result of skin color. Additionally, a recent incident that sparked racial overtones involving Shirley Sherrod highlights the sensitivity of today’s ongoing environment. However, while a perplexing Arizona immigration law or the Sherrod incident is creating interest among the population, an additional and similar scenario written in Ezinearticles.com titled “Baffled Racial Injustice” is generating additional interest. Hence, similar situations derived from skin color are generating confrontations in various settings. As Robinson (2009) states, “In fact, policies based on race have even created a new form of racism: reverse racism.”

In any case, the continuing events of racism would not continue; in which a disputed society uses a misguided capitalist justice producing various events, which should have been abolished, if due process laws were implemented. In other words, the racism events of the past, the reverse racism events at Remec Defense and Space, the recent Arizona and Sherrod incidents, combined with the future racism events, would not occur if an existing legal society focused on justice. fair rather than capitalist or British. Motor Works Justice (BMW). Unfortunately, focusing on capitalist justice will cause events of racism to flourish. As stated later in Luke 11:52, “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key of knowledge! You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.” In other words, the justice system practiced by attorneys Geyman, Ingrassia, and others have denied or hindered the opportunity by not listening to and ignoring factual or statistical data. Furthermore, the justice systems practiced by the aforementioned attorneys have allowed racism to flourish through capitalist justice. In addition, the key to knowledge or new opportunities is denied, allowing events of racism to continue. Sadly, misguided capitalist justice produces a bewildering injustice. Also, as one attorney commented, “why should the attorney focus on a $ 16 an hour employee when the attorney makes $ 300 an hour?”
For example, recently a CEO is amused by comparing the Honorable President’s wife to a subhuman ape. As Sue (2010) states, “But Walt Baker, the executive director of the Tennessee Hospitality Association, thinks she looks like a chimpanzee, and he found the idea so funny that he had to share his racism with his friends.” In essence, Walt Baker disrespected the First Lady, Michelle Obama. However, as news of the racist comments spread, the repercussions followed. As stated by Sue (2010), “As the aftermath of the crude email continued and trickled down to the local news channel, Spyridon issued a statement condemning Baker’s email as ‘egregious and unacceptable’ and rescinded NCVB’s contract with Mr. Marketing Agency, Mercatus Communications’ “.

In addition, and in a separate incident, an African American academic and university professor has been arrested for using an alternate method of entry. In essence, Harvard professor Henry Gates Jr. was arrested for breaking into his own home. However, Professor Gates Jr. has just arrived by taxi from a long journey from China feeling tired and jet lagged. In addition, the phrase “Know your neighbor” was ignored. Therefore, returning from a very long trip and having difficulty entering your own home after discovering a manipulation does not create bright spirits. Thus, a long journey from China, the Moroccan taxi driver who helped open the door, combined with a tampered lock and being confronted in one’s home after the identification seems ignored would generate unpleasant comments. Unfortunately, capitalist malpractice justice produces many racist events.

Yet another twist and concern in denying entry to an open house premise was the incident that African-Americans were denied entry to pool activities. In other words, African American children are denied entry to pool activities, as an individual pigment can cause a nuisance in a swim club facility. In essence, the entrance to the pool is based on a skin color. Therefore, the events of racism, which should have been abolished, continue for lack of just justice.

Meanwhile, while events of racism continue and are ignored by capitalist justice, events of reverse racism are also occurring. For example, a veteran like me, and a former defense and space employee reports to top management, a senior Caucasian coworker comments on “monkey-proof instructional materials” to an Asian and African-American primary workforce, which eventually results in exit activities. In other words, Remec Defense & Space and currently Cobham were running a program of excellence and trying to improve the current atmosphere. The work area consisted mainly of Asians or other ethnic groups. During the ongoing excellence program, a senior Caucasian employee reports “monkey-proof instructional material” to an ethnic workforce. In essence, work favoritism is focused on non-Caucasians, and consequently color should not be distorted in the workplace similar to the swimming pool incident.

However, the statistical graph that focuses on the percentage of race and not on the obvious continuing discrimination by age shows a departure with the mission of the whites. In other words, the percentage seems high from a non-Caucasian primary workforce as if it is sending a message of racism at will. Also, taking into account Fiel’s comments of “… not speaking English”, HR comments of “not fitting in”, HR comments, “We can hire whoever we want,” and previous discussions that Mexico is a half hour drive that would lead to profiling or reverse discrimination in the workplace. Additionally, when other limited Remec Defense & Space Caucasian employees and with other reference comments show that an event of reverse racism is occurring at will. Unfortunately, given the ignored capitalist justice through targeted hearing combined with the recent shootings, it would certainly send a message. On the other hand, the incidents could be described as normal American behavior resulting from many historical experiences.

Therefore, job opportunities within an organization or through the application process are denied employment resulting from skin color intended to meet other non-Caucasian requirements, while attorneys ignore reverse racism that allows continue such practices. In other words, current Caucasians are not held accountable for previous events of brainless racism. However, the creation of such an employment practice could place unskilled individuals in positions destined for more ignored or disadvantaged applicants of color.

Therefore, unfortunate skin color creates obstacles to opportunity. Furthermore, as an ehow contributor (2009) states, “Sometimes this practice, however commendable for the goals it is trying to achieve, causes qualified Caucasian men to be overlooked for positions in favor of minority applicants. that are not qualified. “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2007) states that reverse discrimination is” Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when it is the result of policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group “.

Unfortunately, combined with reference materials, the reversed discrimination at Remec Defense & Space through denied opportunities or retaliation for communication, the overcoming of Asian relatives, and a nearby Mexican border produces multiple avenues of racial discrimination when seeking more ethnic candidates from former employees. reduced. Unfortunately, individuals like others and I try to create justice through capitalist lawyers, yet the messages of racism seem lost or ignored. Furthermore, when individuals exercise their rights, they are retaliated against by denying unemployment and becoming members of a black ball society. In other words, people are secured through employment opportunities that are further denied to exercise their respective constitutional rights. Also, when people report incidents, they become the target of retaliation. Therefore, given the above and mentioned events, racism in any form will continue unless other administrative measures are taken, including disqualification. In addition, the establishment of substantially increased retroactive triple punitive damages for the justice systems, the EEOC, and for the individual against capitalist attorneys could raise awareness of unfulfilled at-will events of racism. In other words, given the racism in America resulting from unfocused capitalist justice, events of racism in any form will flourish unless there is an acceptable American tradition.

In conclusion, the prominent racism events mentioned are just a fragment of current practices allowed as a result of inactive capitalist lawyers. Additionally, events of racism will continue in any form, including reverse racism, unless administrative action is taken. Unfortunately, reporting events of racism or attempting to do justice is rewarded with retaliation. On the other hand, if the desired target is racism events that have been practiced in previous years, more unwanted news events are likely to occur.


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