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Refined and rustic Mediterranean luxury interiors

Designing your home in a rustic Mediterranean style brings to mind bright summer days, cusped arched doorways, rustic vintage wood furniture, rough patinas, and imperfect neutrals. Antique wrought iron is used throughout the house. A beautiful antique teak balcony railing accentuates the ceiling’s unfinished wood beams. A boldly beautiful statement is echoed by the mantelpiece that is made from reclaimed antique doors and arches, studded with iron medallions.

Recessed alcoves and nooks gleam with the heavy white textured wall finish. A carved whitewashed rustic arched mirror adds depth to the room. An inviting oxcart daybed with strewn pillows peeks out from beyond the formal room, and an eclectic piece of art in earthy colors sits above the fireplace.

Arches and columns are found throughout the house, gates with cusps, beautiful doors and windows carved in dark wood, mantles displaying treasures from his travels. The ancient triple-arched architectural veranda accentuates the view to the courtyard where a beautiful three-tiered fountain is located. An antique door in dark teak and beautiful carved details is seen with climbing ivy and moss giving it the soft warmth of aged wood and old times. Sun-soaked doors and gleaming rustic architecture add a classic Tuscan vibe. Unassuming colors and natural fabrics, like handmade cotton bedspreads and silk drapes, accentuate the flavor. Bold designs and patterns complement the design, whether modern contemporary or traditional.

The earthy red tile contrasts with the deep ocher patina of the rustic cabinets with antique doors that store your china. The doors are hand carved in old traditional designs and have seen various shades of color over the years, the beauty of the weathered patina and sun bleached doors is indescribable. Warm earth tones and natural fabrics, cotton patchwork pillows and sheer curtains add to the romance of dark woods and burnished hardware. The mosaic credenza with wrought iron façade in aged blue emboldens the spirit of Mediterranean decoration.

In the hot desert climate, rustic white limestone washed doors and furniture were used to keep the interiors cool and relaxed. And then the color of the oceans and seas, aquamarine blue, teal and turquoise act as a contrast to the white and break the uniformity. Aged blue consoles and cabinets, old handcrafted turquoise cabinets take a pivotal role in Mediterranean interiors. Old fashioned patterns and crafted with the old traditional methods, the iron strapped sideboard doubles as a media console.

A statement of rustic, refined and contemporary elegance Mediterranean-style interiors are always in style.

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