Renting a house in Edinburgh requires careful payment of various fees

“Unprotected deposit (deposit)

Landlords are required by law to protect tenant deposits in one of the following three programs: Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposit and Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Still, some landlords won’t do this. It is very important to determine which project they use to protect your deposit before signing the contract, and ask them to produce evidence to prove that your deposit has been protected, which can avoid future disputes. Every deposit protection program has a free appeals service that you can use if the landlord willfully withholds the deposit. Look for a website that will help you. To check if your deposit is secured, ask your agent for a reference number and call them yourself.

Expensive search fee

Some companies charge you an expensive student accommodation Edinburgh search fee, which should not be done, and you should not pay any house search fees.

Check in and Check out bills

Please determine the fees you want to charge, such as these two fees, before appraising the contract. You can use the appeals service of an agent who is a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents for student accommodation in Edinburgh, National Association of Estate Agents or the National Approved Letting Scheme. There is Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Service.

There may be a fee if you want an extra contract.

Lease term change

You may have to pay a fee for lease changes and changes to tenant names.”

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