Side Sleeping Pillows – Are There Cooling Features That Benefit Side Sleepers?

Side Sleeping Pillows

Pillows are highly personal items, and the best choice for a side sleeper will depend on a number of factors including mattress type, sleeping habits and personal preference. However, the right pillow for a side sleeper should be firm enough to maintain proper spinal alignment and cushion your head without sagging or sinking over time.

The best side sleeping pillow should also help reduce neck and shoulder pain caused by the position of your body when you lie down. Specialty pillow shapes are available to do just that, but whether these are effective is still up for debate. Some experts believe that the unique shape positions your neck and head in a more neutral position than other options, and some people claim to feel relief from back pain as a result.

We’ve evaluated many different types of pillows and found that a medium-firm fill is typically the best fit for most side sleepers, as this provides support while still conforming to your head, neck and shoulders. Our picks range from shredded memory foam to natural latex, and they’re available in several lofts so you can find the one that’s just right for you. All of our picks feature CertiPUR-US certification for quality assurance and are hypoallergenic, which is an added bonus for allergy sufferers.

Side Sleeping Pillows – Are There Cooling Features That Benefit Side Sleepers?

This pillow has a plush, down-alternative layer that’s soft and comfortable yet supportive. Its shredded construction lets you add or remove filling to tailor the loft to your preferences, and the outer material stays cool to the touch. The shredded memory foam is also breathable and has a good level of airflow, which helps keep you cool throughout the night.

Another great option is this pillow, which features a perforated bamboo cover and NASA-developed temperature regulation technology to keep you cool while you sleep. We had good results with this pillow during our testing, and its 100 percent cotton cover is gentle on the skin. The firmness of a pillow also affects how well it relieves pressure points. Side sleepers bear a significant amount of weight on their shoulders and hips. A pillow that is too firm may cause additional pressure on these points, leading to discomfort and potential pain in the shoulders and neck. A softer pillow, while potentially more comfortable, may not provide adequate support and could still lead to pressure build-up. A medium-firm pillow is typically recommended as it provides sufficient support to keep the head and neck aligned while also offering enough give to cushion pressure points.

This pillow offers plenty of neck support for side sleepers and comes with a generous six-month warranty. Our testers liked the cool-to-the-touch feel and how easily it maintained its shape, even after weeks of use. The pillow is also available in two different levels of softness so you can find the right fit, and its outer cover is machine washable for easy maintenance. The best part is that this pillow is significantly less expensive than some of the other cooling pillows on our list.

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