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Tantric rituals, sex and the Aghori clan

ESP through sex

Black magic is a word heard by almost all people; although very few are aware of the nuances involved. It actually means pleasing the devil who is the opposite of God. These black arts date back to ancient times and many are intertwined with religion. These are pagan beliefs and are prevalent throughout the world.

In such aspect of black magic it is practiced in India by the Aghori clan. They are part of the Hindu faith and are believed to have split from the Kapilka order around 1000 AD. C., but the practices and beliefs go back to 4000 a. C. or the Vedic era.

The Aghori are worshipers of the Lord Shiva. They are an extremely secretive community and use sex as part of their rituals to achieve supernatural powers. The use of sex is part of the belief that orgasm and sex in the company of the dead will give rise to superpowers. It really is a way of channeling sexual energy and is part of tantric sex. This was propagated by Acharya Rajneesh and many westerns are influenced by him.

The Aghori clans practice tantric sex in a Hindu cemetery where the ashes of those cremated are scattered. The ritual consists of smearing a naked woman with the ashes in the cemetery and the consummation of the act to the rhythm of drums and recitations of mantras. These mantras are what help release sexual energy and lead to powers such as extrasensory perception.

In the sexual act, the man and the woman take the form of Shiva and his consort Shakti. In many cases, the ritual involves sex with menstruating women and the subsequent release of sexual energy. This clan is based in Varanasi in Utter Pradesh. Many foreigners flock to this ashram hoping to achieve ESP and other powers. Although this part of the act of developing superpowers through sex is unsubstantiated, the fact is that many men of this Aghori clan have subtle powers that cannot be explained.

One aspect of this ritual is that there has to be no force involved and women must take an equal part in the ritual which is usually performed in the dead of night. The ritual is quite elaborate and lasts over an hour from the time the woman is undressed in the center of the cemetery to the final act and orgasm. It is the man’s duty to delay orgasm until the ritual is complete. Many tantric philosophies have refined this process for common, everyday use.

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