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Texas High School Football Allure

Even if you’ve never been to a Texas high school football game, you probably know that these games and the fans that follow them are somewhat different than other high school football games and fans. In Texas, soccer is not a sport and it is not an extracurricular activity. No, it has almost risen to the level of a religion. To say that Texas high school football fans are passionate about the venue would be an understatement; a great understatement.

Friday Night Lights may have been first a popular book and then a movie, but it all started with the true story of a stint with the Odessa Permian Panthers. Hollywood didn’t need to inflate the real-life story of this Texas high school team with lies; the true story was already enough of a legend to bring it to the big screen.

If you think you know high school football, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen it from the Lone Star State. Even the smallest schools really get involved. It’s not uncommon to see entire caravans traveling the highways of Texas on Friday nights; the football team, drill team, cheerleaders, marching band, and sponsor. All of that can easily require a dozen or so nozzles. And that’s not including the hordes of parents and fans who ride with them. In relatively few other events, you’ll see devoted fans travel hundreds of miles for a playoff game; and keep in mind that in Texas that is entirely possible. The border from east to west stretches almost a thousand miles.

So what exactly is it about Texas high school football in particular that seems to draw such a massive audience? While there may not be a definitive answer to that question, there is definitely one certainty: nothing else on earth has the same intensity and passion. You can feel it reverberating in the air when you walk into any high school football stadium across the state.

High school football fans in Texas aren’t just passionate about football; they live and breathe it. On any given Friday night during football season in Texas, you’re likely to see as much violence in the stands as you are on the field if one fan upsets another.

And that’s not to mention the rivalry that can happen between teams in Texas. While it’s not uncommon for neighboring cities across the country to form high school football rivalries, the Texans take it to a whole new level. In many cases, an extra policeman has to be called in during big rival games just to keep the peace in the crowd. In some cases, some cities had to stop playing each other due to violence that occurred between fans in the stands and on the sidelines during rival games.

The exact allure of Texas high school football can be hard to describe, but one thing is for sure: you feel it when you experience it.

If the rest of the world loves soccer, Texans love soccer.

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