The secrets of quantum physics are equal to health

Attract better health

This article will start you on the path of using Quantum Physics to achieve better health.

In this 21st century we enter the Age of Aquarius! The age of science. We receive two great gifts that we can use to bring better health into our lives.

The Internet provides us with unlimited information. The Laws of Quantum Physics show us how to attract health.

Many scientists talk and write about quantum physics, a hot topic. But unfortunately, most of them are materialistic scientists. They leave out of the equations the concept of God or a higher creative force.

The only sure thing that the laws of quantum physics tell us: there is a creator God and he set everything in motion.

We relate to the Creator God like our cells to our body. The “unity” of spiritual reality.

Look at these Laws from this spiritual point of view. Our health improvement is there.

Everything is energy. I am energy, you are energy, the newspaper you are reading is energy. Planet Earth = Energy; Solar System = Energy; Galaxy = Energy; Universe = Energy; and the Mind of God = Energy.

Energetic beings must understand the Laws of Energy to stay healthy.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything that ever was, is, or ever will exist in an infinite ocean of thinking stuff called the Quantum Ocean, or the mind of God. This infinite ocean of thinking matter intelligently responds to our thoughts.

Thoughts are things! We attract our reality by what we think. Think good thoughts and attract good things. Bad thoughts, bad things.

This means that everything we have in our lives, our health, wealth, relationships, we attract through our thoughts. We create them.

If we don’t like our health, wealth, love relationships, we can change them! As? By the way we thought.

See how things work. We are beings of energy. The Quantum Ocean (mind of God) is a thinking energy. Our thoughts are our connection, what we think enters the Quantum Ocean and attracts energy. It flows into our Auras (energy body). This attracts health, wealth, love, etc. in our lives.

Our Aura, the connector between the Quantum Ocean and our physical body, is the working matrix.

Quantum Physics gives us definite Laws on how to draw healing energies from the Quantum Ocean into our Aura.

Knowing the energy exchange process, we now need exact methodologies.

If our minds were more powerful and our self-discipline stronger, we could simply “think” our way to perfect health.

But in this high energy technology that is a fast, fast, fast world, our minds are captured and pushed away. This makes it very difficult to keep thinking about perfect health.

The old Chinese saying goes, “A man who can keep his mind on one thought for ten minutes could rule the world!”

We need methods to keep our health thoughts running 24/7. Also, the use of yoga, meditation, radionics or orgone technology will do this for us.

I will discuss each of these in separate articles.

Meanwhile, remember what the Laws of Quantum Physics tell you: Thoughts are Things! Until next time, take care of your thoughts, words and desires. You sure get them.

You can learn to use quantum physics to bring better health into your life. The Age of Aquarius has given us two gifts so far. Internet and the Laws of Quantum Physics. What will the next 1950 years bring?

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