The Ultimate Guide to History Curriculum For Homeschool

Ultimate Guide to History Curriculum For Homeschool

When choosing a history curriculum for your homeschool, it’s important to consider what kind of learning your kids prefer. Many kids enjoy hands on activities and learning in a group setting. Other students are more interested in filling in worksheets and memorizing facts for tests. Whatever learning style your kids have, there’s a history curriculum that will work for them.

Elementary age kids love hearing stories about the people who came before them and how they lived, loved, fought and died. The best history curriculum for elementary children will include stories that help them remember key dates, names and events along with activities to teach them about how people of the past lived their lives. Often, this will be done through the use of living books. Some of the best options are Beautiful Feet Books and the Story of the World series. These history us history homeschool curriculum high school combine living books with historical reference works and excellent children’s literature to make history fun and engaging.

As your kids move into junior high they’ll be ready to start digging deeper and exploring history more on their own. They’ll want to ask why Napoleon lost the battle and how the Civil War was won. The best history curriculum for this age will provide them with opportunities to dig deep and have good discussions with their parents and peers. A great option is The Mystery of History which presents world history in a four volume book set that’s easy to use and has a Charlotte Mason approach to teaching.

The Ultimate Guide to History Curriculum For Homeschool

By the time your kids get to high school, they should be ready to learn more about our country’s history and the history of other countries in a way that is meaningful to them. One of the best options for this is Notgrass’s Exploring America which covers American History from early exploration to modern times in one course. This history curriculum is centered on God’s word and helps your kids see the importance of our country in the bigger picture of history.

If your kids prefer a more secular approach to studying history then check out the Usborne Book of World History. This comprehensive textbook will take your kids through the daily life, culture and art of different civilizations. The Usborne Book of World History will also help your kids understand world geography and major events that have shaped our world.

Many of the best history programs for high school will integrate the subject into other academic subjects such as Bible, composition and grammar. Some will focus on key historical figures and the morality of their decisions. Others may focus on current events and the impact they have on our world. In addition to these lessons, some of these history curriculums will offer activities for the student to engage with their peers and other historians. This will help them become more well rounded as they enter adulthood and look back on the lessons of our past.

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