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Viapren – What are the side effects?

In these current times, when many view intercourse as merely a delight and no longer a sacred segment of a relationship, men often find ways to maintain enjoyment even if there are barriers to a fulfilling sex life.

One of these obstacles is having a low performance or interest in sexual intercourse, which is common among men of the current generation. The cause of such a phenomenon may be unknown, but experts would relate it to psychological factors or secondary to some diseases.

And since the man wants to preserve and continue his sexual gratifications, he will often seek answers to address his condition. One of these remedies is through the use of Viapren, a popular libido-enhancing product. Manufactured and distributed by Pharmazone laboratories, this product is known to improve performance by acting as a kind of aphrodisiac that increases sexual euphoria, especially in times of stress and decreased interest in sexual activity.

But there is more to this product than being an instant wake-up call. Blinded by its promising effects, Viapren users have failed to recognize that this type of pharmacological agent can bring a series of side effects that can harm health. It is so surprising to learn that a simple strip of Viapren, which was intended solely to help men regain their interest in sex, can in fact create turbulent signs and symptoms, which can eventually end up as unrelenting complications if left untreated.

One of the adverse effects expected after prolonged use of this product is drug dependence. This is a condition where a person wants to always use or “always be sexually induced by the product”. You completely lose interest in sex, unless you use a Viapren strip before engaging in activity. Another side effect is premature ejaculation. Since the product is so quick to arouse a person’s mind and interest, they will ejaculate faster, even if their partner hasn’t climaxed yet. This is equivalent to saying that only one party enjoyed the entire act, and the other party is selfishly left alone. An increase in libido is another side effect. This time, the person is so interested in doing the activity even without warming up. Some women would like to engage in foreplay before the final show. The purpose of which is to mix romance and love before intercourse actually occurs. And since a couple experiences a heightened level of libido, foreplay is unlikely to occur, and “romance” in its literal sense will be out of the picture.

In addition to these psychological signs, some of the physical effects of Viapren are vomiting, dizziness, and hyperactivity. There are also proposed research studies that will try to link whether sexual enhancement treatments like this one can cause chronic disease.

It is good to be sexually active. It is imperative in couples to stay in a healthy relationship. Lack of interest in having sex occurs, but taking performance-enhancing drugs is not the answer. There are other natural ways to induce sexual pleasure that promise zero side effects.

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