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What to sell on Ebay – Cashmere Items

Cashmere is one of the finest fibers in the world, a true luxury fabric. It is known as the warmest, softest and most comfortable fabric money can buy. Victorian England discovered the luxury of this fabric and it was then that cashmere became popular with the elite.

So what exactly is this? Cashmere is the wool or “skin” of the Kashmir goat. Originally raised in Mongolia, these goats are now raised in India, Tibet, China, other parts of Asia, and now some parts of the United States. Wool has a silky feel, light as a feather, and does not sting like wool. The most luxurious cashmere is taken from the belly of the goat. Only a small amount of usable cashmere comes from each goat, and the collection process is long, expensive, and complicated, which is what makes cashmere so expensive.

With this in mind, anything that is 100% cashmere is a good, stable, and reliable seller on eBay. Sweaters, vests, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, baby clothes, and blankets work well on eBay, even used or vintage. In fact, older vintage cashmere items are typically 3-4 ply (thicker and more luxurious) than today’s 2-ply fabric. Next time you’re at the mall, tap and peruse the cashmere sweaters. You will see that they have a different texture than any other fabric.

Now, you are thinking, but it is summer and nobody buys sweaters in summer. Is not true. Please note that we are operating in a global economy on eBay and the seasons around the world are opposite to ours here in the US There are many places in the US where cashmere is worn throughout the year, such as the Pacific Northwest. Canadians, Europeans, and Australians love and appreciate cashmere. In fact, I ship a large percentage of cashmere sweaters internationally. Also, since cashmere is an expensive luxury fabric, many cashmere lovers buy it throughout the year.

So, when you’re browsing thrift stores and yard sales, take a few minutes to look through the sweaters. This is what to look for:

100% cashmere, 2 layers

Check for holes (you can easily repair them yourself and the sweater will sell well)

Large sizes are fantastic (2XL for men and Plus for women)

Sweaters Made In Scotland (A Higher And Thicker Quality)

100% Cashmere Coats – May be thousands of dollars new and many international.
customers will take them even in good condition

Now, you are not going to become a millionaire selling cashmere on eBay. However, it is a good item to add to your store if you can find it. It may not “fit” with your particular product line, however, it is something to watch out for when shopping, and it can earn you a lot of money. Search eBay for full listings of cashmere items, and you’ll see that there is definitely a lot of money in used cashmere.

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