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Why donating clothes benefits everyone

Most of us are guilty of excessive consumerism today. One of the things most of us have is having more clothes than we really need. If I look in my closet, I can gather a large number of items that I have not seen or used in over six months or even a year. Somehow, it is very difficult to have time to gather these items of clothing, pack them and dispose of them. Also, many of the garments are in excellent condition, almost new.

It’s a shame to throw it away, when it could be put to good use. That’s where our local charities and used clothing stores come to the rescue. These establishments always accept clothing donations and often offer discount coupons should you choose to purchase other necessary items at a later date. Plus, you don’t have to limit deliveries to just clothes. You can also ship shoes, household items, books, and even furniture, as long as they are in good condition and require no major repairs.

Having a place to send our clothing donations has been half our family’s battle. Every now and then we have found a family in need who can benefit from our unnecessary items, however it can be a delicate subject to deal with, and some people have complexes about wearing used clothing or feel like their case is for charity. , if you try to give them something. Having a retail establishment that welcomes clothing donations solves all of those problems and takes the guesswork out of it.

Additionally, many of these used clothing stores now offer free pickup of their used clothing donations. In our area, we will receive a call approximately once a month to notify us that there will be a truck on our street on a particular date and to ask if we will put anything in for pickup. This service is wonderful. All you need to do is pack your clothing donation along with any other items you would like to have taken away, and the truck will stop by and pick up your donation. Often times, the proceeds from donation sales will go in part to a local charity. This is an added incentive for people to clean up their unnecessary and unused items for a good cause!

It is a waste to throw away clothes or just leave them hanging in the closet and unused. Donating used clothing is a gesture of generosity; helps the less fortunate in our communities. It helps to clear the space, leaving space for the elements that we really need and use, and eliminating clutter.

In short, clothing donations can benefit everyone. It is definitely something meaningful and our family will continue to do so.

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