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XBox 360 error E74 fix – Fix it at home

If your XBox 360 has given you error e74 and is out of warranty, then you might be interested in an at home XBox 360 error e74 fix. Don’t worry. Fixing it at home doesn’t require you to be an engineer or anything. All you need are a few common household tools to get the job done.

This home solution is NOT the towel method you may have heard of. I have to warn you about this. This method is NOT safe for your Xbox. And it will not give you a permanent solution. The longest I’ve heard that this method works was only several days. I’m sure you don’t want to see the e74 error again soon after you’ve fixed it.

If your XBox 360 is still under warranty and you still want to repair it at home because you don’t want to wait 4 weeks to get a refurbished unit back, be aware that it will void your warranty. This XBox 360 error e74 fix at home requires you to open your XBox, which voids your warranty. Now if your XBox console is no longer under warranty then this won’t matter one bit.

There are many guides that will show you how to fix this at home. To make sure you have a reputable guide, first and foremost, the guide must have a guarantee, of course. It would be nice to choose a guide that has a sample video that you can watch to see the quality of her videos and see if you like her style. Not all guides will have videos, but I think it helps to be able to see what needs to be done. And you also want to make sure you have access to customer support in case you have any questions about any of the steps.

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