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YouTube Association: Is It Worth All The Effort?

Do you like creating and producing videos? I guess you are thinking of putting some of them on YouTube, or maybe you already have a YouTube channel with a couple of videos. When people start getting a lot of views on your YouTube channel, they may want to apply to become YouTube partners. But is it worth it?

Being a YouTube partner means that you can place Google AdSense ads on your videos and channel to receive a share of the earnings YouTube receives. Don’t confuse YouTube’s association with monetization. You can start monetizing your videos when you get a total of around 10,000 views and this is where you can put AdSense on your videos, but you don’t get paid that much, just every time someone clicks on the ad.

So what do you need to become a YouTube partner?

Well, there is no set requirement since everyone’s case is different. To have a good chance of being accepted, you must have uploaded at least 10 videos and have at least 1000 views on all of them. More importantly, you need a large number of views to the channel and a figure of around 500 subscribers minimum. This shows that your channel is popular and even if you don’t have that many views, you will soon. However, you don’t have much of a chance of being accepted with less than 100,000 total visits.

Those are just the numbers you need, all the content in all your videos must be yours, and you must prove that it is. You cannot use music that you do not have the rights to, images and graphics, etc.

Is it all worth it?

Many members are earning six-figure sums a year. However these guys are in the big leagues, in some cases their YouTube association income may not even be their main source of income. Watch channels like “Fred” with over 2.1 million subscribers. How about “Annoying Orange”? With more than 2.4 million subscribers and more than 100 million visits. This may seem out of reach, even though we are talking about six-figure income. You may not be looking that much or you just want to do it part time.

If you like to produce videos that are all your own content for a hobby, but you might be looking to make money from them, then they are worth uploading to YouTube. If your videos are very popular, you shouldn’t have much trouble becoming a YouTube partner.

If you don’t get tons of views then it’s not worth becoming a partner. After all, YouTube gets a big chunk of the profits. Keep that in mind.

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